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Just went through an hour of interviewing suggestions with an impressive young lady. Linda, I'll call her. A seriously qualified administrator. 

Linda is a single mother who felt she had stalled in her career. So, she took the plunge and decided to go back to school. Just now she is finishing her full degree and looking to reach out for that next level in her career. Understandably she was a little shy on the confidence scale.

Well, after we developed her résumé, pulled all her abilities, achievements, skills, strengths and qualifications together.... aka, her value, she began to see all the merit she had and how able she was and what she had to offer a company.  Her eyes gleamed. Confidence overcame her.

I asked her what she intended to do with her new résumé.

After some silence, her answer was less than positive.

She wasn't lacking confidence with her résumé. She knew it would bring her interviews. But her concern was with how well she would do in an interview. She had no idea how to approach it. Lingering questions: what to say, how prepare, how to approach certain situations. Nervousness, attitude, how to make a good impression, compensation, benefits and even how to close the deal were issues. The nerves were her biggest concern. 

So, we sat down and went over ten suggestions. After several cups of coffee, a little role playing, definite dos and a few don'ts, Linda is looking forward to the interviews. We erased so many of the little things that add up to fear of the interview. It’s not to say she won’t be nervous. Everyone is to some degree. It’s how you handle the nervous afflictions that make you think vomiting is not out of the question. Just kidding.

In summary. Remember if you are comfortable with your résumé. Be comfortable with your interviewing skills. You have to pass both tests to receive an offer.

Tip. Review your interviewing skills with someone you trust. It's hard to see yourself  and especially under stress.  And interviewing for a job is stress. Think you can nail it? Probably so. But if you find yourself saying, “I blew it,” on your way out of the interview or you’re missing out on offers after interviews, take another look at yourself, how you might come across in the stressful setting of being grilled by a prospective employer.

BTW... remember YOU are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.

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05/19/2017 9:59pm

It's great that the conversation between you ad her boosted her confidence. I admit that I'm not that comfortable with my interviewing skills, too. At some point, I begin to get nervous before an interview. But I learned that confidence is really the key. And being prepared would make you more confident. It pays to be prepared.

06/22/2017 5:47pm

I am actually a fresh graduate and I am currently looking for a job. Well, I think we both have the same problem. I am also quite nervous about the interview that I will be going through. Just like her, I don't know as well what I will be saying when some question arises. I have done some interviews before, but I am still not confident enough. I do hope I could find someone like you too. I really need someone who will help me find my confidence.

06/08/2017 1:22pm

My interviewing skills are quite weak right now but your tips will help me to improve them. Thanks!

06/16/2017 2:48pm

This post is so helpful for me! I am very confident after reading this! Really appreciate your help.


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