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The best part of my work is learning about wonderful people.

There are sales people, and there are sales people and then there is Frank. 

This is a little story about, like so many sales people who are well trained in their product or service who put up big numbers and collect tons of awards, but when it comes to selling themselves, they wilt. This was Frank.

He could convince, close and sell magnificently industrial products like a champ to an industry he knew like the back of his hand. But during the résumé writing process we discovered he was not so confident at selling his own story. Doubt, uncertainty, reluctance to blow his horn loud was creating doubt in his mind. Causing hesitation in generating a winning attitude in the job search. Getting laid off can do that to you. His ego had been crushed. His confidence wilting.

When the résumé was complete, after the Q&A back-and-forth in the writing process, Frank emerged armed with a document showing his value, an new attitude, and a plan to find that next thing he was after.

He's a wonderful, warm, caring and positive guy. Loved working with him.

Chet Baker


03/07/2017 6:23pm

That sales guy is amazing! I loved working with him. Only few people have that kind of attitude and skills. Some are arrogant and stubborn. You are a lucky man because you can work with him. Your business will be more productive. And the workplace will be happier. Good luck!


I must agree with you. The sales guy is quite cool. Such a workmate with that is a breathe of fresh air. I love working and being around happy people. They bring out the best in me. They make me shine. They also removes the bad energy in my body.

06/19/2017 8:42pm

If you are applying for the position of a Sales Personnel, you must have what it takes to be one. A person who can convince and can greatly influence the thought of another person, can be a great candidate. If you have a persevering attitude and an open-minded type of person, you can also be one. But the most important of all, an amazing salesperson should have an A+ in his interpersonal and communication skills.


As salespeople, we need to be confident. Confidence inspires confidence. If we are confident in what we say, our customers will feel and believe it. This will help them relax enough to listen to us. So many sellers can’t even get their (potential) customers to speak to them, much less listen, because their approach is too humble or nervous. The humble may inherit the earth, but they are going to inherit it from a salesperson who was bold enough to ask for it first. Humble salespeople confuse being humble with being respectful and suffer for it. Humble is easy to say no to.

03/31/2017 6:39am

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