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If you're writing your own résumé, beware of using excessive exaggerations, otherwise known as superlative adjectives (busiest, greatest, strongest, quickest) in one form or another to describe yourself. Be very judicious with the words "most" and "least” preceding adjectives (most wonderful, most successful, most intelligent.) Be particularly careful with these intensifiers: perfect, excellent, great. There are many; you know them when you hear them. It's up to others to describe you as such. Generally, not yourself..

And then let’s look at a few of the consistent, overused bloviations that don't get a candidate very far. If these phrases appear (world class, result oriented, dynamic) take them out and find fair and respectable alternatives. Good résumé writers are very careful about allowing clichéd intensifiers into a document.

Tip for knowing if you should use them.

Consider how you speak to co-workers or friends around the water cooler. Would you say something like this? "I'm the most efficient, best prepared, dynamic person in the running." Probably not. So, think twice about using these terms to describe yourself, especially to someone you've never met who might be making a decision whether to hire you or not.

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